Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arlington Wedding

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding in Arlington.  It was a really great wedding and I have a ton of photos; so bear with me!

We got to take some pictures at this neat fountain in Arlington
Beautiful couple!

The bridesmaids' bouquets were bright yellow; I loved them!

How freakin' cute are they??

Here is a very wide shot of the fountain
We also took some shots at the Iwo Jima memorial park
What a good boyfriend!  Look at him holding the flowers AND the purse
Like father, like daughter.  Look at them both chewing their nails, haha

The bride even serenaded her groom!  Very cute
A very talented mother who can dance with a baby on the belly: you get once guess for this dance
This little girl was so precious!
Work it, girl!
This dude could dance!
Rockin' out!
Dancin' on her daddy's feet!                                           Smiling at her mom!
Adorable little family!

Cassidy and I got great food, as well!  We were given seats at a guests' table even, with place cards.  It was a great night!  Check back soon for pictures from the crab feast I went to today and a birthday party

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