Tasting of wine

On Monday, a couple of my lady-friends and myself hit up some local vineyards.  Our first stop was Hidden Brook Winery.

As you can tell, it was pretty rustic.  It didn't even have indoor plumbing.  But it DID have air conditioning and that's all I cared about.  The wine was on the sweeter side and pretty good

Here are two of my favorite ladies, goofing off

The next was Lost Creek; owned by the same family as Hidden Brook.  Their wines, however, were much more dry. 

It had the same feel as the other

Very pretty outside but it was much too hot to enjoy the tasting outside

Last was Fabbioli.  It was in the family's basement.  We got to taste 8 different wines (as opposed to the 5 at the others) and enjoyed some cheese and crackers.  The wine here was superb!  I brought home a dessert wine; Raspberry Merlot

There's nothing better than wine-tasting with good friends

There were also a couple of kitties around.  We enjoyed their company; or at least I did!

Out for the count

The whole group!  Enjoying the wine and cheese, despite the heat

Mr. Warren grew tired of my nosing camera

But then I found this 6-fingered kitty behind a crate

After our fill of wines, we got some dinner and headed home.  Someone barely made it into the car; wine glass clutched to the chest ;-)  Love you, Katie!


Veronica said…
GREAT pictures!
Lizzie said…
I LOVE THESE PICTURES MAR! You really have a talent :-D
Anonymous said…
Marley, your talent shines through girl! These pics are fabulous!.....except the last one, I have no comment! Haha. I was soo sleepy :)
Marley said…
haha, thanks :-)

Katie, I love the last one! You were out like a light and I totally passed out when I got home, hehe