Reinventing my childhood

I'm willing to bet you ate these things as a kid...a lot of them.  I know I did!  It was the one thing (that and Double-Stuff Oreos) that my mom would buy for my brother and I

How do you feel about homemade oatmeal cream pies?  I made a bunch this morning and they rock!

This is a recipe you gotta make!  It's a little more time-consuming than your regular cookie but boy is it worth it

I had my reliable taste-tester on hand

See the childlike excitement on his face?  Yeah, they're that good!

Here's the recipe, because I know you're going to run out to the store to get the ingredients for this right now ;-)  You're welcome


The picture of Alex says it all. Priceless.
Marley said…
haha, yeah, he's pretty excited about them :-)