The days are just packed

For many many years, I have wanted to watch the fireworks in DC on the Mall.  Finally, this year I got to!  Alex's and my friends Adam and Catherine live in DC and invited us to watch the fireworks from their roof

Peter was there too...

And a whole lot of other fantastic people!

We got up there early to save a spot and avoid the security guards checking tickets

You will have to excuse the crappiness of the photos as I brought my wide angle lens and should have brought my zoom

That doesn't mean the view was any less spectacular!

And then the large plume of smoke across the sky

It looked like the mall was on fire!

I took a few liberties with this one.

The fireworks were incredible!  We were able to see panoramic views of Arlington, Virginia, Maryland and DC fireworks all evening!  It was a great spot to be in and the night was just beautiful.

Alex and I did also march in the P'ville parade earlier in the day with my family as well.  You can refer to my posting from last year if you didn't get to see it.  I didn't get any pictures this year but the ones from last year are pretty solid