Sorry for the lack of updates! It has been a busy weekend. Saturday morning, AJ, Kyle, Alex and I headed to MD to "Go Ape". It's a high ropes course that involves ziplines through the trees! We had a blast

We were the first group of the day. I was so glad to be there early because it got hot, fast!

Kyle's ready for her first Tarzan swing!

Alex too

Caught her mid-air!

There were any number of different "challenges". Sometimes you were given a choice of "moderate" or "extreme".

After coming home, we all napped for quite a bit since we were all worn out.  Then we had some friends over for drinks and baking
There were tie-dye sugar cookies...

Pumpkin pie ice cream...

And a big-ass cheesecake with gingersnap crust, courtesy of yours truly.  All were delicious!

In a few hours, we will all be heading out to see Blues Traveler and Carbon Leaf.  Looking forward to it!