A few new things

Alex and I put up some new blinds in the sunroom today.  Here's the old sunroom with the old, saggy, $5 blinds

Here are the new wood ones.  I had to do a bit of patching above the windows since the new ones mount inside the window and the others mounted above

It's tough to tell from the picture but they make a world of difference!

I've also been trying out my new Vibram Five Finger shoes.  They are awesome!  I did have a little trouble with the way it wore on the inside of my foot and gave me a small blister but it went away quickly and now I have no problems.  They're so comfortable! 

And to top it all off, a cute picture of Chai.

AJ also got the projector for the basement today so it has become a full-on media room.  He built a custom screen that's 99 inches and got a super nice, 1080p projector.  It looks amazing!  I will try to get a picture of it tomorrow


Andrea said…
those shoes are hilarious...