A long time ago, even before Alex and I bought the house, this is what our basement looked like.  Because of water damage, the previous owners had to rip out the drywall. 

Due to the conditions of our mortgage, we had to either turn this into a finished basement or rip it all out.  About a month before we actually got word that the house was ours, we finished the drywall and tossed some junky carpet in there that we found in the garage
Voila!  Good enough for the bank, I guess

 And then it became our junk room

Alex and I weren't crazy about the carpet and AJ and Kyle need a place to hang out...hence the bamboo floors!  They are laminate, if you can believe it.  And it only took us a day and 1/2 to put them in!  They are a click-lock, floating floor; meaning they don't need to be nailed or glued down.
They look fantastic!  I also began priming all the old, 80's dungeon basement-lookin' wood.  This is is before.
Another shot of the room
All primed

Close up of the bamboo
These are the old doors leading into the laundry room. 
I primed these too.

Alex and I have been joking that these floors will save your marriage!  They are so easy to put in; especially compared to installing real hardwood floors...something I would never want to do again.  In all honesty, I would totally recommend these.  We got them from Lumber Liquidators; very affordable and so easy to put in.  We are now trying to find new areas we can install these types of floors

Tomorrow we will get baseboards and do the finishing touches.  What do you think?


Susie said…
I love what you have done to the basement with the bamboo floors! You guys are more than welcome to do our floors anytime! Hell, you should go into home reno yourselves; I'd hire you! :-) Congrats on doing most, if not all (I think you have done all of it), of the work yourselves!