"My Super Sweet 18"

So this past Saturday I had an 18th birthday party to shoot.  I think I underestimated just what kind of party this was.  I would classify it as a wedding without the ceremony.  Above is dress number 1

Close-up detail of dress 2; looked very much so like a wedding dress

Close-up of dress 3; her "casual dress"

The "debutante".  It was called a debutante ball.  I suppose it's a coming-of-age thing

All the ladies

Birthday girl and her escort

Changed into dress 2

Starting dance with her escort

Bustin' a move for the 18 roses dance

Seriously, there's way too much to explain about this birthday in detail so I'm just sharing pictures

Weddings are easier to shoot than this!

There were 4 choreographed dances; tango and waltz were the only two I recognized

Not too bad for a bunch of high schoolers

Rockin' it in dress 3



that 18 party is CRAZY!! I can only imagine what her wedding will be like!!
Marley said…
I know, right? I'm sure a lot of money was dropped for that party so you know the wedding will be crazy!