Mrs. Margaret's Gardens

On my way to work, I pass a large plot of land off Lawyer's Road.  It is within walking distance from my house and I have always wanted to check it out!  Tonight, Alex, AJ, Kyle and I made the trek to check out Margaret Thomas' Gardens.  It is full of peonies and irises

There are so many varieties

Wonderful colors

You can barely see the old barn

I got lost in a field of iris

The peonies were my favorite!  Some were almost as big as my head!

The love-birds

There were two poppies in the whole field

I love poppies

The sun began to set and it cooled off...time to go home

And time for piggy-back-rides ;-)

Not a bad way to cap off a Friday evening


Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures...especially of AJ and Kyle. :)
Faith said…
that was a great little look . I 'll hvae to show you my surprise deep rusty/burgundy iris! see you sunday!