Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival

On Sunday, Alex and I drove up to Gettysburg to meet my parents for the end of the Bluegrass Festival, featuring Alison Krauss as the headliner.  I have been such a fan of Alison Krauss for quite some time and finally got to see her in concert. 

In the picture above, Alex is swinging on these odd swings that you worked by pumping your arms....horribly inefficient if you ask me

I think the concert takes place in this person's property.  Pretty awesome old house

That's the stage down at the bottom

Alex and mom enjoying the nice day

Alison Krauss finally on stage!

She was amazing! 

There were some other bands we saw that were also good; one being the Infamous String Dusters.  I particularly liked them because they looked like they were our age.  There were about 6 of them

DryBranch Fire Squad was also there, another great bluegrass band.  I have actually seen them before and enjoyed seeing them perform again.


jesirose said…
I'm so jealous, Alison Krauss is amazing
Marley said…
You were the one who got me into Alison Krauss...they even sang "When you say nothing at all" and I remembered you singing it at coffee house