First wedding of the season was this past weekend.  Here's the face behind the name, Cassidy!  He's the guy I shoot with, who owns Duhon Photography.  We had a little extra time before the wedding so we had some fun with a mini portrait sesh.  Not a bad mug, eh?

Anyway, on to a few wedding photos.  Once I sort through them I may have more

It looks so refreshing, doesn't it?

This was my favorite!  These two sneaked off and were hanging out together on the steps.  I wonder what they were talking about :-)

She seemed absolutely smitten!

Look how happy that kid is?  This family should get this photo from me and use it to remind this kid how good he has it, haha.

Anyway, that's all for now!  I have an exciting shoot this weekend that I can't wait to share later!