Congrats to Scott and Colleen!

I had the pleasure this weekend of capturing a very special moment for a coworker of mine at the Jefferson Memorial.

I was a bit early so I took my time and enjoyed the monument

Obligatory bling shot

Scott has a hidden talent; making bouquets!  I'd say he's pretty darn good at it

She thought he was out of town ;-)

You better believe she said yes!


The happy couple

They are a very good looking couple! 


He also surprised her with a bottle of prosecco for their limo ride to dinner

My favorite shot of the two!  Congratulations to Scott and Colleen!  I had a blast (despite the 40MPH winds and me completely inappropriately dressed in a skirt).

In other news; Alex and I got some stumps ground up in our yard this weekend and planted grass seed.  I also repainted our front porch so it is no longer Pepto Bismol colored.  I bet the neighbors are just as happy as I!  Oh, and our sinks are hooked up now so they are fully functional.  All I need is a mirror and I'll be good to go. 

I hope everyone had a great weekend!