Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy weekend!

I went home this weekend to give mom a hand with getting the house ready for wedding guests.  I always forget how lovely the wisteria at my parents' house is in the spring

It really grows everywhere!  Alex and I fight this stuff at our house but my parents channel it in just the right directions

This is an awesome picture of one of my relatives.  I took a picture of it because it's not in good enough shape to be scanned.  She is so beautiful!

Here's mom and I all dressed up for Kyle's Bridal shower

Mimosas with pink champagne...yes, I think so!

Bride to be and the officiant/long time friend/bridesmaid's mother

A wonderful spread by Kyle's mom!  Lots of quiche, cookies, deviled eggs, shrimp, chicken salad...the list goes on!

Sam is totally ready for our trip to the vineyard!

And ready to party! (after the limo driver finally allowing us to pop some champ in the limo, geez)

The bride to be and her ladies at Hillsborough Vineyard

I could have totally taken a nap in those chairs

Such a lovely vineyard

Adorable cupcakes made by a friend of Kyle's mom

Sam is our model for the "can you recall what was on Sam's apron" game

I did pretty well but forgot the melon-baller...dang

Last challenge was to draw what the couple would look like on their wedding day.  I won with a drawing of a canon and the newlyweds!

The bride to be!

Hard to believe it's only a bit over a month away

All the ladies!

The wedding party again

Lovely view!

Sorry for the extended post but, as always, I took a ton of pictures.  Check back this week for my one year round-up of what Alex and I have accomplished on our house.  On Saturday it was one year since we moved into our house.  Hard to believe it's been so long!


Reed said...

Kyle looks exactly the same! Is she marrying AJ? Nice!

Marley said...

She sure is; on June 5th! coming up very soon!

John said...

love the red lipstick!