This n' That

Alex and I got a lot accomplished this weekend.  We finished doing the drywall, which is great because our vanities showed up on Friday!  I don't have a good picture yet but once we get them in the bathroom, I'll post one

Almost ready for vanities!

Alex and I also hit up our new favorite joint in Reston; The Counter.  It's a build your own custom burger place.  One of my favorite things is the sweet potato fries!  Oh my gosh, these are amazing!  And they come with a horseradish mayo that is to die for.  I highly recommend this place

I built myself a breakfast burger; english muffin, fried egg, telamook cheddar...mmm, delish! 

I should have some more pictures tomorrow when it's day time.  We don't have the lights up yet so it's tough to get good pictures at night. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!