More tile

Here is the freshly grouted tile!  Looks great, eh?

And off to the other side of the bathroom...which still needs drywall.  May I remind you, this used to be two rooms...

The old "set up"...taken from the same spot as the top picture.  The door you see leads in to the old bathroom.  If you look in the second picture, the long, narrow section is what the old bathroom consisted of. 

Another pic of the old bathroom taken from me standing in the doorway shown in the picture above.  It's probably a little hard to envision but once it's all done, I will take a video and I think it will make more sense.

It seems like it was just yesterday Alex and I were closing the door on the master bath and just putting it out of our minds for a while because we simply had no idea what we could do with the bathroom.  Now we are moving right along and it will be no time before we have a name worthy of master bath!  Fun times


great job!

PS- I've added your blog to my blog list as a favorite
Marley said…
Thanks, Boofy! It was great seeing you last week :-)