Hello Monday, we meet again

Another weekend has flown by and here we are, Monday again.  I'm especially tired today but had an easy day at work.  Kelly came by tonight to drop off my birthday present!  She got me this great bowl from Beaufort, SC.  It reminds me of an eye!  It is very much my style

I think Alex likes it too ;-)  Even the bottom of the bowl is neat!  I only wish my camera would do it justice but alas, the sun is down and I have to resort to my flash

So, lately I've been inspired by other photo bloggers to get my photos off my computer and on to paper!  I have an insane amount of photos and I really would like to print them out and put them in albums or something, for goodness sake.  I'm going through my photos (also doing a little housekeeping and deleting many) and I come across these...

I miss this guy terribly!  He's such a trouble maker but very cuddly.  This was over Christmas break at my parents' house and you can tell he was still just a kitten

Getting sleepy...

Annnnnnd he's out!  Adorable

On an unrelated note, here's the vanity we ordered for our master bath (well, we ordered 2 of them).  They are currently taking up space in our junk room until we are ready to put them in.

I'm also hoping to revamp my "office" and make it a bit more inspiring to work in.  I should probably start with finding a chair as right now, I'm using a step stool, which is not conducive to writing long blog posts.  I want to find an old wooden chair and repaint it a fun color; maybe turquoise!  Then I want to put up a chalk board so I can scribble down ideas.  I also want to put up a "clothesline" full of pictures on the walls.

Anyway, I know this post was all over the place but I felt the need to update.  I'm hoping for nicer weather so I can go back outside with my camera.  'til next time


Veronica said…
Yes, start framing your photos!
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