The trip; Denver

So our first stop on our trip was Denver, CO. We flew out to Denver and that's where we rented a car to drive the rest of the way. Here's Alex waiting with me to board the plane early morning on the 26th, right after hearing the reports of the other possible terrorist on the other plane.

Regardless, we weren't worried and made it safely to Denver at noon. Got our car and headed to our hotel, the Curtis. This is a very modern and young hotel! I recommend if you're young but that's about it

Every floor is themed. We were on the "LOL" floor. The elevator kindly reminds you every time you arrive at your floor with a silly recording of what it is. Ours said "Welcome to the Laugh out loud floor" followed by lots of loud laughing

You could also rent boardgames from the front desk. Fun!

Not a Chippendales in the hotel...just the men's bathroom

Activities for the day; Dodgeball on the second floor ;-)

Lunch at "The Corner Office", the restaurant in the hotel. Overpriced for sure and quite the spot for hipsters but we were starving so we hit it up

Where it's always 5:00

If you look on my finger, you can see my new ring :-)

I got a grilled cheese and tomato basil bisque. It was the most fancy grilled cheese I'd ever had...delicious too!

Then it was off to explore the city. Ignore the dust spots in my pictures; I didn't have time to send my camera out for cleaning before we left

Ok, so I got a little crazy with the squirrel pictures. But their squirrels were all redheads! Super cute!

And VERY friendly!

Alex was my guinea pig to see if they'd take the bait

And again

The architecture in Denver is very interesting. This was a Modern art Museum

We spent the rest of the evening walking around town. We had dinner downtown in a Mediterranean restaurant called Rioja. We weren't too hungry (and it was a little pricey) so we just got appetizers and dessert

This is part of "LoDo", Lower Downtown.

And here's the dessert we got. It was called Hazelnut Tortamisu and it was ridiculous!

Next morning we were off to Colorado Springs!