Terrible Tuesdays

Tonight I made my first batch of primal chocolate chip cookies. They're pretty good. I was skeptical because they are made with almond meal, which is slightly unfortunate because almond meal is crazy expensive. Whole Foods and Giant charge $14 for a 1 pound bag. Luckily, I checked out Trader Joes and they sell their own that is $4/pound. It is not blanched so it's a bit different. Mine look nothing like what they did in the picture from the recipe. I'd say if you absolutely have to have a cookie, this is a good substitute. Otherwise, I'd rather just wait and have the real thing. Honestly I think what makes these taste like chocolate chip cookies is all the butter. Thank goodness butter is Primal!

I gotta be honest, this primal thing is catching up to me already. I'm very tired and hungry all the time. I eat a full meal and then am famished in about 20 minutes. It's strange. I got the sweet tooth craving tonight, perhaps due to a crappy day. It's a good challenge and I feel good most of the time, but the hunger thing is killing me. I gotta find some other things to eat!