Strange weather

The weather today was very strange. Even the plants were confused! I got up and it was dreary but warm; very warm. It rained a bit off and on but finally cleared up mid day and was actually very sunny! Then by the time I was leaving for work, the dark clouds started rolling in and it got chilly. As I got in my car to drive home, hail and rain started to fall. I even saw lightning!

I was happy to have my camera with me today as the weather provided some nice light and later, clouds

These are two very elusive kitties at my work. The grey one has a name, Catnon, but the other remains nameless...except "Raccoon kitty". You can get pretty close to Catnon but Raccoon kitty will disappear almost as soon as you see her

It's a miracle I was able to snap this photo

With the sky looking so ominous, I decided to head to the top of the parking deck before going home

The sky only got darker!

Do yourself a favor and enlarge this one...see if you can see the rain falling from the sky. This was about 20 feet in front of me. It was one of those things where you see the wall of rain headed your way. Because it was back-lit by the sun, it made it look like the sky was shimmering

And just a little fun with bokeh

This was the color of the sky on my drive home. Amazing!

Happy Monday