Roadtrip; Colorado Springs

Second stop on our trip was Colorado Springs. It was only an hour from Denver so we had pretty much all day to check out the sights

First up was Garden of the Gods

It's pretty much just a free park full of HUGE formations of sandstone

It was pretty awe-inspiring


There's Alex for some perspective

Next we hit up Seven Falls. This was slightly disappointing because the stairs leading up to the top of the fall were closed due to ice. However, they have an elevator that goes up to a look-out point, called "The Eagle's Nest". It still gave a great overview of the falls

What was really cool is that the water was rushing behind the frozen falls!

It makes a great sound!

These are the closed stairs

Then it was time to check into The Broadmoor; the only 5 Star hotel in the state and it's been that way for 50 consecutive years

It most definitely lived up to the hype!

Here's a beautiful chandelier in the main lobby

All their chefs put together gingerbread houses. There probably were 30 of them!

They were all centered around this gingerbread mountain that was about 10 feet tall!

They were all so impressive! Enjoy

There were even more but I'll spare you the rest of the pictures.

And below are some pictures of the decor

This is the view after walking through the lobby

And this is the front of the hotel

This hotel had about 13 restaurants. We had our own bell-hop who helped us to our room, turned on our fireplace, and made dinner reservations for us. It was very fancy! It was the type of place that if you needed to rent a suit for dinner, they'd send a tailor up to custom-fit you...same for dresses! It was the best service I've had anywhere! We could only afford to stay one night but it was quite an experience :-) I highly recommend it