New addition to the Owen family!

Meet Elizabeth Lorraine Owen!  She was born on Thursday morning to my friend Jessie and Matt Owen.  She is just as cute as can be; mom and dad are happy and healthy!  In true tradition, no milestone for Jessie goes without snow.  As she will tell you, there is always snow on her birthday so there's no surprise there was heavy snow on the day they brought home their little girl

I can never imagine just how small a newborn is until I see one in person.  I just love her tiny little feet

I even got to hold her for a minute!  Hospital rules dictate no visitors, because of swine flu.  So I had to settle for meeting her in the lobby on their way home

She just disappeared in the car seat, she was so tiny!

My friend Kendall got to hold her as well :-)

Then it was time for them to go home.  It was a short visit but one I didn't want to miss

Here's a picture of proud momma and papa!  Congratulations guys!


Jessie said…
Thanks for all the great pics! Glad you got to meet her!