Fun new things!

I got some new fun things today! First are my new business cards from this awesome website called You can upload photos of your own and turn them into business cards. Check out the super cute packaging it shipped in too! Let me tell you, I was very excited to open this!

I also purchased a Moo carrying case. It's very tiny and holds about 20 business cards

Eeek! So awesome!

There are some of the images I put on them. I think I have 12 different ones. It has an image on one side and then my information on the other. What do you think???

Also, I got a new phone! WAAAAAY overdue as my old phone is the original RAZR from several years ago. I have stepped up to the flip phone with QWERTY keyboard. It seems pretty cool

Next, Alex and I got some glass colored tile for doing a backsplash. I will post pics of that when we finish


Kelly Anne said…
I love Moo cards! Yours look great.