Busy Sundays

Sundays are almost always busy for me...and rarely relaxing. It's usually another project day. Today was a project we should have done months ago but kept getting put off; but can you blame me?? Our sunroom was an add-on to the house in the 90's. When we first moved in, my dad poked his head in the crawlspace and noticed almost all the insulation had fallen. So it was up to us to fix it

Alex and I bought some new insulation as most of it was pulled down and apart by rats, squirrels, raccoons, whatever. The door to the crawlspace was never secured so it was an open invitation for critters. So today we were going to tackle it...once Alex got home from work. Well, 3:30 rolls around and still no Alex (mind you, he was only scheduled until 1:30). I decide to see if I can do some of the work myself. I get a good 4-5 bats of insulation replaced and decide that I will need help to finish the rest. No sign of Alex so I call for back-up (namely, my friend Peter). He's on his way, woohoo!

My neighbor who flips houses is outside decorating his house for Christmas. He sees me in my Michelin Man white suit and gives me the eye. "I'm fixing the insulation under our sunroom...and there's no sign that Alex will be home soon". Bless his heart, he stops his work, grabs 5 spot lights, some extension cords and sets them up throughout the crawlspace for me. He even brings over some plywood for me to work on...because let me tell you, crawling on gravel is not the best. He tells me to shout if I need anything and that I can keep the lights as long as I need. Now I was motivated and could see perfectly! Finally I'm cruising along and I see a pair of legs at the other end of the crawlspace; "PETER!" I yell. Nope, it was Alex :-) So I called Peter and let him know I was all set.

Anyway, I didn't mean to drag that story on but that's how I spent my Sunday! And for those of you who've never been under a crawlspace, I've given you pictures firsthand. Where Alex is laying is the highest clearance under there. Most of the time, we had to scoot around on our bellies or backs. There simply wasn't enough room for anything else!

It was definitely a dirty job but I'm so glad it's done! Now our sunroom won't be cold anymore

PS, the pictures are deceiving...the crawlspace is HUGE