All excess in moderation

So as I was driving through my neighborhood yesterday on my way home and saw this tree. I rushed home to grab my camera before I lost daylight. The sky was a bit grey but I had to get this tree. I think it's a ginkgo tree but I'm not sure. During the course of the year it tends to blend in with the other trees but gets such a magnificent color in the fall!

Correct me if I'm this a ginkgo? the store the other day, I picked these up. They are nothing new to me. My mom bought them all the time during the holidays for my brother and I. I haven't had them in years but I grabbed a pack and tossed them in the freezer. Now, the freezer part is very important! 1. so they are less visible and thus less likely to be eaten and 2. they are AWESOME frozen! The white chocolate on the outside gets really hard and crunchy. Mmm...delicious!

And here's a butt-crack-lookin' of a cookie...hmmm. Alex's work is having a pot-luck tomorrow for Thanksgiving and bless his heart, he always signs up for desserts so I can bake :-) I rarely need an excuse but this is a good one. So I scoured my thousands of bookmarked recipes just waiting to be tried and found this one. Looks weird, huh?

But then you bite into it and BAM! Peanut butter filling! They are dark (by my own doing) chocolate peanut butter filled cookies. They pretty much rock! Alex can't keep his grubby fingers off them and I explained that it's not my fault if he shows up with 3 cookies tomorrow for the pot-luck



Anonymous said…
It is indeed a Ginko.. lucky find, looks like it was a decent sized one.. they grow slow.. mom has had one planted out at their house for quite a few years and it's not even 8 feet tall prolly and not wide at all. That and they drop their leaves very quick, looks like you caught them at their peek.

That recipe looks really good. I may a chocolate chocolate chip one that people enjoy, just as dark. would you mind sharing yours? I bet chris' family would love them, they are big reeese fans.. Have you ever checked out great recipe site.

Thanks for sharing photos,
Anna Gibson
Jennifer said…
I have no idea about the tree, but I second the vote for a recipe share. Those cookies look delicious!
Marley said…
As requested; here is the recipe!