Sorry for the delay in updates! This past weekend Alex and I had a "mustache" themed party :-) We rocked the mustaches but sadly I didn't get pictures of anyone elses'

Oh hai, Jamie Heineman ;-)

Have I mentioned how much I love fall? One reason I love working at Mason is just how gorgeous the campus is during the fall. It's like the trees are on fire!!

Just gorgeous!

And 2 weekends ago we decided to gut our bathroom. This is the shower that the previous homeowner's decided to "improve" by gluing plastic over the tile. Granted, the tile behind it is pretty awful but gluing something on top doesn't necessarily fix it....


The bathroom is completely gutted now and Alex and I have purchased many of the materials needed to begin work on it so we're pretty excited!

And here's a cute picture of Annie...just because :-)


Kelly Anne said…
Yay stache party!! I hope we did not permanently traumatize your gliders.