Meet my new little guy; Daedalus! He is an 8 week old sugar glider and he is so precious! Alex and I got two of them on Sunday and have been infatuated with them since! Alex's is named Icarus. We took Daedalus to the vet last night because he was sleeping so much. Turns out he was a little dehydrated and wasn't eating his protein so I'm really glad we took him.

Now he is much more lively and crawls all over the cage! I think he's feeling much better!

Here is Icarus eating some food

I can't wait for these little guys to get older. For the time being, they ride around in a fleece pouch around my neck! I love them!


Anonymous said…
SO CUTE!!! :) Congrats on your little ones!
114.tryst said…
I remember, in days of yore, when youy Mom carried a pet squirrel the same way.