So this is how the spoiled little stinker gets fed twice a day! Actually, he needs's orders. I have to give him antibiotics and this protein filled mixture (that Daedalus happens to love!) twice a day. He's pretty good about it. He hates the medicine so I usually do that first and then follow up with the yummy stuff he likes

In other news...Alex and I were quite busy today putting down baseboards! We've been waiting to do this for a long time now and we finally got down to business. We are so happy with the results! Now, the final thing for these rooms will be crown molding but I need my dad's help for that

The tree is almost done too

Done by yours truly! I'm pretty proud of our baseboard work!

We also got it done in the dining room

So the dining room is pretty much complete except for art

And that's easily remedied!


Kelly Anne said…
Hey, I recognize that mirror!
Marley said…
Heck yeah! I'm glad to finally have a wall that's ready for stuff to hang on :-)