This weekend was fairly unproductive for Alex and I...which actually was kinda nice. On Saturday we went to a Home Expo at the Expo Center that was fun. Besides all the house stuff, we discovered a possible new pet for us...a sugar glider! If you've never seen one, they are like flying squirrels but smaller. Very cute little things!

For the past few nights, Alex and I have been working on this "mural" on our living room wall. It is not quite finished as there will be more branches and more detail but I figured I'd post a progress shot. What do you think?

And today was spent at my parents house on the couch, relaxing and watching some football

Alex had an unlikely visitor ;-) Cats always seem to know who hate them the most! Then they immediately go after that person! Alex didn't seem to mind too much!

You may remember this little (not so little) fellow from a few months ago...as a tiny kitten!

He is only 6 months now but he's HUGE! His tail is very long and his feet are even bigger!

He just loves to torture my parents' other cat, Frank.

He's still a great little guy :-)

Then I made crockpot shredded beef for dinner! It was AMAZING! It just fell apart when I pulled at it. It couldn't have been simpler to prepare either. We set it and then let it cook all day while we were at my parents. Then we came home and the house was full of the smell of barbecue

Then we dug in! Doesn't this just look like the perfect windy, fall evening dinner?