Feeling productive

This weekend was no doubt a sad one with the passing of my hamster but it ended up being a pretty decent and productive weekend regardless. Alex and I had our second trapeze class on Sunday at 1:15. I highly recommend everyone take at least one class! It's such a rush and not all that expensive! We learned our second trick, called the "heel off". We have one more class which is on September 20th. Here's a video of me doing the trick

I also had a wedding in Maryland on Saturday. It was pretty fun! I won't have any pictures to post for a few weeks as Cassidy is editing this time instead of me so he's got my memory cards. I think I've got some good ones to share though.

Then once we got back from trapeze, we began working on putting together all the plumbing for our new bath off the kitchen. We finally got all the pieces we need (after 4 different trips to Home Depot) and we are assembling it only to find out some of the bolts that came with the faucet are too short. Home Depot was closed by this point so we had to put it off another day.

Today we went back to Home Depot to find longer bolts, which they didn't have. Find out we've gotta special order them online so we've got to push back our project again. After Home Depot, we went to Belfort to purchase some more furniture. We got ourselves a chaise lounge for our master bedroom and a china cabinet.

Once we got home, there was a still quite a large pile of wood left over from the demolition of our boat dock last weekend, so we needed to make another run to the dump. We loaded up the car, shelled out $6 more at the dump and are now finally free of all that wood! The side of our house is empty and now we can move on to better things. On Thursday we have a landscape architect coming out to help us figure out what to do with our yard...we are pretty baffled. I'm looking forward to talking with him about it.

Other than that, I did some patching the walls in one of the bedrooms so I can paint that soon. Very productive weekend. Our china cabinet should be delivered on Wednesday so I'll share photos of that later this week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Kelly Anne said…
Haha, I love Alex's voice on the video.
Kelly Anne said…
I just started a new fellowship and, while eating lunch, I looked out the window and saw that structure next door. It was oddly familiar! Sadly, neither of you were swinging from it at the time.