I am very excited for fall! It and winter are my favorite seasons! The above picture is definitely one of the reasons I love fall so much...mellowcreme pumpkins!! These things rock! I've been eating them since I was a kid and I just can't ever get enough of them.

Anyway, on another note; despite being sick all this past week, I'm finally feeling a bit better so Alex and I got some work done this weekend.

I had spackled and patched the upstairs front bedroom so that I could paint it. So I did some sanding today and then painted.

These are the befores...

This wall had the "booger wall"...ewww

Really nasty spot on the wall that required a lot of patching.

After! I couldn't decide on a color so I just stuck with our standard beige that we have a 5 gallon tub of. It's neutral and thus easy to paint over later. I feel like it really calms the room. That lime green wigged me out

So much better

We also both fessed up that we didn't love the color of our front living room. I was never real crazy about it but Alex seemed to love it and after all, it is only paint. But we found a better color so we repainted it. I feel like this is calmer and more sophisticated. You can see traces of the old green below it...yikes! This will obviously look much better once we have baseboards and crown molding up.

We also finished our powder room this past weekend. It took us several weeks to get the right parts for our vessel sink but it's all hooked up and working now.

I re-purposed this mirror that was left in this bathroom originally. It was brown and country looking. I spray painted it black and bought this "frosting" spray. I taped off the mirror and frosted the edges. Not bad, if I don't say so myself!

And here's the bathroom in all its' glory! Also not bad

This is our new china hutch! We got this last weekend and loaded it up today with our wedding china and other fun things we've collected over the years. What do you think?

That awesome orange bowl in the center is from Turkey! My brother brought it back for us. I love it! It makes a great focal point

And lastly, we did put baseboards up in our bedroom a few weekends ago...I just never posted pictures. In that empty spot to the right is where my new chaise lounge is going to go. That will be my reading corner. I'm pretty stoked :-)


Kelly Anne said…
I love those pumpkins! They are the BEST. I like the green you went with, too. Can't wait to see the house!