Actually, it's "Withrow"...

There are some funny things that come with changing your name. For the past 23 years, I've been a Cooper. Then I took Alex's last name, Withrow. It's been a pretty seamless transition but one thing I didn't anticipate was the difficulty people have with pronouncing "Withrow". Something Alex has been dealing with his whole life is now something I'm experiencing. It must be funny for him to hear me complain about people calling me Marley "Witlow", "Winthrow", "Witherow", "Winthrop" (yes, Winthrop...even though Withrow has no "n" or "p" anywhere in it). I think I get "Winthrop" the most. The only name "issue" I had with Cooper was people occasionally saying or spelling it "Copper".

Oh, here's a cool sidenote..."Bacon" and "Grimbaldus" are both Withrow family names!


Adam Gurri said…
My professor on Tuesday definitely tried two different pronunciations of "Gurri" out when he went down the list of registered students.

I guess Cooper is pretty hard to mess up, all things considered :D