Our neighborhood

Welcome to the neighborhood! Alex and I have been enjoying the weather lately and exploring the neighborhood more! It really is a great place :-) We are learning just how nice it is.

Not to mention, it gave me a good chance to play with my new toy...Canon 5D! I have finally moved on to the full frame camera from my little Canon Rebel XT. I've had it for 3 years and it's kept up with me pretty well but now that I am booking more on my own, it was time to upgrade. There is no comparison between full frame and cropped. I got a great deal on this camera!

There is a lovely stream that runs through much of the neighborhood

Here's a pretty sketchy bridge built by boy scouts. I walked across it and it wobbled terribly...

We found this GIGANTIC tree! See Alex there at the bottom?

And I found myself up in a tree :-)

This last one is actually from Reston...but close enough