Dumbarton Oaks...sorta

The weekend before last, Alex and I made a trip to check out Dumbarton Oaks in DC. Problem is: they didn't list their hours on the website so we ended up getting there way before they opened. We did find a very cool park behind it though that was pretty awesome!

There was a really cool stairwell that lead up to a gate into Dumbarton Oaks. Of course it was locked, but cool nonetheless.

All of the trees were massive! I love huge trees :-)

We stumbled upon a river and there were dogs; lots of them! I'm talking like 12 dogs! And they were all fighting over the same stick and tennis ball

We stayed for a good 30 mins watching these dogs play!

One of them even began to follow us up the trail as we were leaving. Fortunately he followed our orders to turn back, haha

Then we met up with Adam and Catherine for a cheese and crackers in a park near their apartment. This was a great little park!

It was full of cascading water and awesome stairs!

I know I'm behind but I definitely wanted to get these up! This week was full of Alex and I finally getting back to work on the house. It's been a while so it feels good to have gotten more work done! We are finished with the guest bedroom and bathroom downstairs and it looks great!

This weekend Alex and I are headed to the Summer Thunder Cruise-In in Pville. If you've never been, I highly recommend it if you're into cars! I'm looking forward to getting some great photos out of it!