1 year down, 50+ to go!

It's hard to believe that this time last year, I was with my girls at Whole Foods getting breakfast on the day of my wedding. We had celebrated hearty the night before at the Withrow's place...barbecue, mac n' cheese, drinks, fun! Myself and all my girls slept in Alex's and my tiny apartment in Fairfax. Roni and I had the bed, Lizzie and Soph the futon, Jessie the couch and Connie the airmatress. It was cramped and a ton of fun! I'm so glad I had them there with me!

This time last year, primping and getting ready for the ceremony

I look back on that day so fondly. It was wonderful. Everytime I look at the pictures, I smile!

So today Alex and I celebrate our first year as a married couple.

Though we have been together for nearly 4 years. Here are some pictures from the past...

Us at the beach about 4 years ago

This was a rugby banquet for Alex's team. We were most certainly underage as we deemed it "cool" to pose with a wine bottle, HA!

And then we celebrated our first year together with a dinner cruise along the Potomac! It was a really magical night. And my do we look different! You can even see traces of my blue hair!

This was us in the fall at one of our favorite parks; Burke Lake

Then we took a cruise around the Carribbean! We went to the Grand Cayman Island, Costa Maya Mexico, and the Bahamas. It was a week long and our first "real" vacation together.

Then Alex graduated! Here we are celebrating at Maggiano's :-)

Lucky for me, I still had another year of college :-)

But then of course, I graduated too!

A day that will forever stand out in my mind! Alex proposed at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna. We had always talked about this being the place we'd get married. Unfortunately, we underestimated the popularity of this spot and there was a 2 year waiting list.

We celebrated our engagement with a dinner cruise (the same one on the Potomac). We got such lovely congratulations all night long! There were a few other couples also celebrating their anniversaries

Then of course, we got our house!

It has been such an amazing first year! I truly look forward to so many more with Alex by my side :-)


Davin said…
That is so cool, its awesome to see you guys progress together and its even cooler that you have a mini photo diary to share. Good stuff Marley, congrats!
Kelly Anne said…
Aw, live it up, y'all! Wish I was there to wish you congrats in person!