Ok, to start, how freakin' awesome is this cake my mom made?! Amazing!!

So, Alex and I are making more progress...last night we stayed up late spackling and patching the dining room getting it ready for paint. As you can see in the photo, it was mid-primed on the left. Because it's fresh drywall, it soaks up a lot of paint so it's best to prime it first.

Anyway, here's another shot...

It's a dirty job! This is Alex after sanding the room...

Nice! Take that outside, buddy!


What do you think of the color? I love it :-) It's very soothing and calm. We will be starting the floors in here later today and hopefully getting most of it done tomorrow. Then it will be almost done totally!

Oh, and here's the front room...almost complete. The nice, serene green in the dining room makes the front room green look freaky! I'm not sure I like it as much anymore, haha

I hope everyone's weekend is going well :-)