Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy weekend!

Well, it was a very productive and busy weekend! As you can see in this photo, Alex and I made some progress on the front room floors. It's coming along much faster than the first room we did as we understand the process better and have had more practice. I'd hoped to get more done this weekend but other projects intervened...see below...

This is a silly half wall we never liked and always ran into. Why not open it up?

So we did!

And finally open and free! This is the view from the kitchen. It feels much nicer and transitions better...more light as well

AND for the biggest parents new kitten!!

He is nameless right now but I suggested "Stotch" Leopold "Butters" Stotch ;-)

He is the cutest thing ever and mom and dad left him at the house with Alex and I for several hours.

The kitty thought my hair would taste good but apparently it wasn't. Makes him look like he's smiling though!

He likes to ride on my mom's shoulder

He even fell asleep in the crook of Alex's arm...awwww!

Glowing kitty!!

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Kelly Anne said...

So cute!! I am so impressed by how productive you two are! I would have thrown my hands up in despair long ago, I'm afraid. Can't wait to see it!