Swinging the world by the tail

I forgot to post this on Wednesday. Erik's girlfriend made this cake for the Caps game. The cake was delicious...the game obviously sucked. I'm the type of person who feels that if cake is there, the night can't really be all that bad ;-)

Anyway, I've been ridiculously busy...obviously since I haven't posted. I think this has moved to a house progress blog and I guess that's ok. I simply don't have the time or motivation to do the photos of myself. But I will keep updating everyone on the house.

Success! We got all the wood paneling out of our dining room!! YAY! We also bought all our drywall this weekend (to cover it up) and moved the rest of our stuff from the apartment (futon and such). Alex's parents let us borrow their van to get this done. It worked perfectly. 8ft sheets of drywall fit like a glove in the van! It was awesome. So our goal is to chase a wire for an overhead light in the dining room before we put up the nice new drywall. Then we can hang drywall, spackle, paint and then put down flooring. We have also finally picked out our flooring and will be ordering it this week.

Check out the dining room...