Sorry for the delay in updating! The past few days have been crazy. Alex and I went to the first game of the hockey playoffs. The Caps played the Rangers and unfortunately we lost.

We have also been having to do some more work on the house...hmm, working on a house we don't quite own yet...

It's ok, you can call us crazy: I do

This would be us bring the carpet in through the basement window...that's a 15ft long carpet. Extremely heavy! We are fortunate that the current homeowners said we could have it. What happened is the appraisal was done and we were told we needed to finish the basement (YIKES) and paint the front porch (wtf?). So, we buckled down and got it done... This is what $100 and some determination can do

Before and After of the basement...at least part of it...

This would be Alex starting the scraping...it was very early in the morning too.

We did our best to match the color from a photo we had. I don't think we did such a good job. It's definitely a pink eraser color! Whatever, the guy didn't say it had to be a specific color, just that it had to be painted

And here's when we finished. Alex even partially mowed the lawn for good measure. If you've seen the property in person, you'd understand how big of a change all this is.

We are still on schedule to close next Thursday...a week from today. We are crossing our fingers!!


Wow, it looks great! I'm definitely coming over next Thursday to help clean.