I was ridiculously busy today! I had a lot of work orders at work and everybody actually responded and said they were free today (rare) but what really made my day crazy was all the house stuff. I was told that we wouldn't be able to simply bring a cashier's check to closing and that we needed to wire the money directly to the settlement company today. Well, that's fine and well but we hadn't received the HUD-1 which gives the breakdown of exactly what we owe. All we have is an estimate. Our agent gave us a pretty good estimate plus a little more to give us some wiggle-room. So at this point, it's 2:30.

I call the bank to see if I can wire the money over the phone. Apparently not so I've got to go into the branch and do it in person. Fine, whatever. So I head out at 2:40 and make it to the bank at 2:56. "Oh, well, this will have to go through tomorrow. We stop doing wire transfers at 3pm, sorry." Ok, freak out a little bit. I look at my watch and point out there's still a few minutes and she says she doesn't want to rush it and make any mistakes. I sigh and ask her what time it will transfer tomorrow and she eases my worries by telling me it will be transferred in the morning. When she prints everything out and hands it to me to double check, she calls the wire transfer lady (I guess) and asks if she can take care of it for me today. Thank goodness they took pity on me and transferred it right then! I was so relieved! It's just one more thing to cross off the list

Then there was setting up our reservation for a rental truck on Saturday, ensuring utilities were transferred to our name so we have power and water when we move in, getting the HOA fees paid (UGH), making sure all documents are in order for closing tomorrow, etc etc. It was just such a crazy day but I think I made it through pretty well.

And tomorrow is the big day! We have the walk-through at 3pm and then closing at 4pm. I'm kind of glad I don't have to worry about carrying around a big check for tomorrow.

Anyway, the next few days are going to be INSANE so if I don't post, I'm sorry!

PS, don't you think I look like a racoon or bandit in this photo? haha, it's makes me laugh