Spackle, it's what's for dinner

So I may have gotten a bit involved tonight...well, the Caps game started at 7 but the cable guy was still here at the house trying to get it all hooked up. We saw him drive away but stuff wasn't working so we figured he'd be back. This was at 7:45. Well, he never came back so we power-cycled everything and it all seemed to work. I guess this guy is in the business of not saying goodbye? It was bizarre. Anyway, Alex got to finish the game and the Caps won! And I got busy stripping wallpaper. I had no intentions but when I tugged on a piece and it gave way, I kept going.

And going! And soon I realized they would come off in entire strips!! This almost never happens with wallpaper: I was so excited!

So I removed the medicine cabinet on the wall and continued to strip. Wallpaper, that is ;-)

Before I knew it, I was done and the bathroom is now wallpaper free! But then I realized they simply used wallpaper to cover up the nasty drywall work underneath it. Seriously...they must have spackled and then given sanding, nothing. So I re-spackled and I can sand tomorrow...then paint! Woohoo!