I am kicking this packing thing into high gear! We have SO much stuff and I just don't have enough boxes or newspaper to pack it all up. It's a bit overwhelming. So again, I must skip a photo of myself and just post a random one.

Alex and I were in Home Depot today when we decided to pick up a few paint samples of some colors we have been thinking we'd like to try. These are 4 colors we absolutely loved! The samples are great little 8oz cans and they are only $4 a pop! Not bad to make sure you love a color as much on the wall as you did on the paper. I am so excited to try these colors :-)

I think the orange is my's called Apple Crisp. What do you guys think?

Happy Easter!!


Andrea said…
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Andrea said…
picking out colors can be frightening, but it's so much fun! I just painted my room a darkish brown and painted B's room bright blue... and my kitchen "indian red". can't wait to see pics of how your new place turns out! hopefully we'll see you soon:) congrats again!

April 13, 2009 12:10 PM