A bit of a dopey picture of me today but it was all I snapped of myself. Mason didn't open today until 12:30 so I had the morning to enjoy. So I decided to go outside and get some pictures of the snow. And boy did we get a lot of snow! It was fabulous

This is the cherry tree right outside our apartment. It looks beautiful all covered in snow. I always thought everything looks like it's dipped in white chocolate in the winter.

The buds have already sprung and I'm afraid they probably all got nice and frosty today. They are beautiful little pink buds.


marionsquarion said…
hey marley marley.

there are dogs that do not shed.
anything mixed with a poodle won't shed, because poodles don't shed.

p.s. i wouldn't try a guinea pig... my friend couldn't even come into our dorm room when i had mine.