Oh I'm sorry; was I supposed to write something here? This picture very accurately describes my current state...jello (or pudding, because I love it!). I just got back from Alexandre de Paris here in Fair Lakes. Alex got me a lava stone massage for my birthday and I took advantage of that today. If any of you ever get the chance to get one, I highly recommend it! Alexandre de Paris was amazing and so were the people there! Early in the massage when I was still adjusting to the whole thing (the twinkling fibre optics in the ceiling, the aromas, the stones, and the warm bed), I actually felt heavily inebriated. All my limbs kind of floated away, my eyes got very heavy and my head swam. The massage was about an hour and she didn't miss a spot! It was amazing and I definitely did not want to leave.

So anyway, for the rest of the night, I am firmly planted in the sack, dressed only in my plush robe.


Kelly Anne said…
I hate you. I just got done with midterms. I DEMAND SPA.