ZEXY! This would be my just-out-of-bed hair. It was so poofy since I'd used hair spray yesterday. I couldn't waste the opportunity to snap a quick photo

Today was pretty normal except when I brought out Biscuit and Alex insisted she was "asleep" under his arm. I was skeptical because Biscuit never sleeps on us. After about a minute, I had Alex get up and lo and behold, that darn hammie was gone! We removed all the cushions and pillows and no Biscuit. Looked all over the Biscuit. Finally when I was looking under the couch, I realized where she was......INSIDE the couch! Yes, somehow in a matter of a minute, she squeezed her way to the interior of our couch.

So what you see here is Alex peering through a hole he had to cut in our couch to see where Biscuit was. It took us a good 20 minutes to get her out of there. She is such a troublemaker!!

And I opened this bottle of wine that I've been saving for a few weeks. Alex and I went to Total Wine and Beverage a few weeks back and I told the guy I liked sweet wine. Well, he directed me to this and said I wouldn't be disappointed. I gotta say...I must be careful what I wish for. I took one sip and could barely swallow it. This is like drinking a glass of sugar. I can't even believe how sweet it is. I guess I just didn't think "wine" could be this sweet...I figured it was just grape juice.

I like sweet, but, yick!