I finally got a chunk of time to do some photo updating. This is the fabulous purse that Veronica got me for my birthday! I am in LOVE with this purse and especially the color! I had told her yellow but I'm so glad she found this color. It's so sunny and happy! I can't wait to use it :-)

She also was so kind as to track down ValoMilk! I don't know if you guys remember, but I posted a month ago or so about these and how badly I wanted to try them. Turns out they don't just sell them anywhere but Roni found them and bought me a bunch for my birthday! They were buried in the new purse she got me :-) Let me just say how delicious these things are too!

I highly recommend them

And to top it all cream cupcakes from Cold Stone! These are entirely all edible; chocolate shell, chocolate cake at the bottom, ice cream on top, whipped cream and of course an oreo! Veronica knows me all too well

All in all, my birthday was a blast!