Woohoo, I've reached my 100th post! I know I missed a few days. I just didn't have anything to work with. Plus, I was working on my portfolio so I was busy with that.

But anyway, I'm in a good mood for several reasons....

1. I got an email on Tuesday about the house that the banks will be paid off in full (both of them) if we can close on or before April 24th! So this is a major motivation for Wachovia to say yes ASAP! Wells Fargo has already told us yes unofficially. Soon, this may be ours!!

2. I canceled car insurance with Progressive, got a refund from them and saved $250 by switching to Geico! I guess the commercials are right...creeps me out a bit....

3. I found an awesome new blog that I'm in love with! It's called Conversations with a Cupcake! How cute is that! She made this cake that I'm DYING to make. Check it out! Photo courtesy of Conversations with a Cupcake blog.
It's not just the colors either! It's got all the corresponding flavors...raspberry, orange, lemon, lime, and blueberry. It's like a Froot Loops cake

So, all good things to be happy about!

The one thing that doesn't make me happy is that someone has been trying to hack into my computer for the past few days so I've been busy trying to track them down. I've got networking helping me out too. I hope they track this person down!


Kelly Anne said…
Wooooo, congrats! Now, as a result of the combination of elements in this post, I will expect nothing less than fruit loop cake to be served at the painting party. :o)
Marley said…
You can count on that!!
Someone has been hacking into your computer? Ew, what a creepster! Seriously, who DOES that?!