Well shoot!

Today was actually a really good day! I was very busy at work, which I usually like because the days go by faster. I went to a Staff-Alumni reception that was pretty nice...even tho I was easily 20 years younger than the rest of the people there. The weather wasn't bad either.

Then I came home, Alex and I ordered Thai (day still good obviously!)...then I find a memory card from a wedding we shot 4 months ago and it definitely had photos that went missing...then I found a staple (yes a staple!) in my Thai! WTF? I was crunching down on something really hard and finally fished it out to find a partially opened staple...a big one too! And lastly, I was trying to watch The Office while cleaning our santuko knife and SLICE! I cut my finger!

So I will re-iterate my first statement...Well shoot! At least tomorrow is Friday :-)