Happy Hammie

I thought I'd be a bit nerdy tonight and take a photo with my super awesome retainer in. You may be surprised to learn that I wear this thing religiously! I NEVER want to have braces again! I also have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth that you never see as it is cemented behind my teeth. It's a nuisance but keeps my teeth straight. I'm off to Bridge's tonight to see Connie, whom I haven't seen since my wedding, and is in town from Texas! I'm so excited to see her! And then tomorrow, some of Alex's and my friend's are coming into town from New York. We also haven't seen them since the wedding. It will be a good weekend! I plan on making lasagna, caprese salad and chocolate dipped strawberries for tomorrow :-)

Happy Hammie is Happy!


Kelly Anne said…
Is that Ludin and Jenn?