Good day sunshine

Today was BEA-u-tiful! I hope everyone got outside today! Alex and I had a nice walk over to Whole Foods for breakfast and then walked around the lake near our apartment. I wanted to feed the geese so we went back to our apartment to get some bread. We were feeding them for about 20 minutes when suddenly something spooked them all (mind you, we are surrounded by these things) and they all started flying away. We ducked in fear of getting dive-bombed by a ton of scared birds! Then we look to our right and see a dog barrelling straight for them! He dove into the lake to chase them. And of course I didn't have my camera. I could kick myself for deciding not to bring it: "Oh, I've taken some photos of the geese, I'll just skip it this time". Damnit! I could have gotten some really great shots cuz this dog was having a blast just jumping into the water to harrass these birds. Oh well, it was amusing nonetheless.

I think I have something for hands. I love to take pictures of hands especially when the bride is getting ready. Sometimes you can tell just how nervous/anxious she is by what she's doing with her hands. I also like to get pictures of people holding hands while dancing. I guess that's one of my staple shots...there are many more but I particularly like this one.

And just a beautiful shot of a cute polka dotted wedding dress. Adorable :-) Worn by the bride pictured (well, her hands) above.

Cassidy has offered me the chance to shoot a few more weddings with him this year and I couldnt' be happier to help him out! Shooting weddings with him was just a blast!