Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Alex and I had a somewhat unusual Valentine's Day and spent it with lots of friends. We had a great lunch at Ledo's pizza and then got donuts at Fractured Prune. Then we showed Ludin and Jen our possible home-to-be! The door was still unlocked so we got to show them around the house. We should find out for sure if we get it this upcoming week. It's hard to believe! (I took the above photo when my flash wasn't ready but I liked how it turned out and decided to keep it)

Anyway, I had plans to make lasagna and caprese salad for dinner but since we had so much yummy stuff all day, we skipped it and I decided to just make some chocolate covered strawberries. They were incredibly simple! Next time I'll probably dip them in white chocolate too since Alex likes white chocolate. They are pretty tasty :-)


Kelly Anne said…
Aw, sounds fun! (and yummy)
Marley said…
Very yummy :-) How was your day?